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My artwork is both an extension of myself and the vision a client wishes to see encapsulated in their commissioned piece of art. We work together to make that vision forever come to life. The opportunities to share my work are as follows:

1) Commissioned Artwork- This commissoned work is my primary, but not singular, way of sharing my work with others. If you are interested in the opportunity to create a one-of a kind, commissoined piece of art together, please refer directly to my "Commissions" page, which will walk you through the simple request process.

2)Personalized Pet Portraits- these have become very popular. All information can be found directly on the "Pet Commissions" page.

3) Original work that I have created at my liesure and are available for purchase. Not everything I have is represented on this website, so if you are looking for a specific subject matter please message me directly and I can go through my inventory.

4) Lastly, you can find a multitude of Fine Art Prints on the designated "Prints" page. These can be purchased directly.

Available Art Prints